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Our Advantages
  • Research & Development (R&D)
    Lan-agro has kinds of processing equipments for strains preservation, activation, propagation and small and...
  • Manufacturing
    Except for manufacuring and operation theprivate labels of crop protection products named Lan-agro, lan-agro also provides...
  • Distribute&Registration
    According to the requirements of the importing country, provides relevant documents to the importer for product import..
The company
Lan-Crystal Biotechnology Co,Ltd., is a professional Bio-products and chemicals service provider which integrates R&D, manufacturing and distribute for the crop protection products. Founded in 2011.

Since the founding,Lan-agro devotes to Green Crop protection products, provideshigh quality R&D service. Recently, Lan-agro has developed new biological pesticide, fertilizer, plant extract among other non-chemical crop protection products. The listed product " Bacillus Subtilis " technical material and formulation is already on the market...
The products
The mission of Lan-agro is to provide the highest quality R&D, manufacturing and distribute services
The listed product " Bacillus Subtilis " technical material and formulation is already on the market, " Bacillus Subtilis " is a bio-fungicide, having effective antimicrobial activities on various bacteria and extremely anti-adversity ability. The technical and manufacture process are in a leading level at domestic or abroad.
Chemical Name
Bacillus Subtilis 25kg/drum,10g/bag
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens 25kg/drum, 10g/bag
Abamectin 25kg/drum
EmamectinBenzoate 20kg/drum
Eprinmectin 1kg/bag,25kg/drum
Ivermectin 1kg/bag,25kg/drum
Physcion 25kg/drum
Acetamiprid 1kg/bag,25kg/drum
Imidacloprid 1kg/bag,25kg/drum
Novaluron 25kg/drum
Hymexazol 25kg/drum
Fipronil 25kg/drum
Chlorfenapyr 25kg/drum
Cypermethrin 200kg/steel drum
Etofenprox 25kg/drum
Bifenthrin 25kg/drum
Nicosulfuron 25kg/drum
Glyphosate 25kg/drum
Mancozeb 25kg/drum
Kresoxim - methyl 25kg/drum
Paclobutrazol 25kg/drum
Uniconazole 25kg/drum
Chitosan oligosaccharide 25kg/drum
Polyoxin 25kg/drum
Validamycin 25公斤/桶
Kasugamycin 25kg/drum
Bacillus thuringiensis Var. Kurstaki 25kg/drum
Pyrethrins 25kg/drum
Rotenone 200L/steel drum
Matrine 25kg/drum
Osthole 25kg/drum
Azadirachtin 25kg/drum
Nicotine 25kg/drum
Capsaicin 25kg/drum
Brassinolide 25kg/drum
Chlorfluazuron 25kg/drum
Tiflumuron 25kg/drum
Flufenoxuron 25kg/drum
Lufenuron 25kg/drum
Tebufenozide 25kg/drum
Nitenpyram 25kg/drum
Profenofos 25kg/drum
Fenamiphos 25kg/drum
Fosthiazate 25kg/drum
Teflubenzuron 25kg/drum
Pyridaphethione 25kg/drum
Diazinon 25kg/drum
Betacypermethrin 25kg/drum
Beta-cyfluthrin 25kg/drum
Deltamethrin 25kg/drum
Diniconazole 25kg/drum
Cartap 25kg/steel drum
Citionella oil 25kg/drum
Malathion 25kg/drum
Abamectin B2 25kg/drum
Eprinmectin 25kg/drum
乙酰氨基阿维菌素 25公斤/桶
Ivermectin 25kg/drum
Metaflumizone 25kg/drum
Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl 25kg/drum
Butralin 25kg/steel drum
Cyhalofop-butyl 25kg/steel drum
Clodinafop-propargyl 25kg/drum
Bensulfuron methyl 25kg/drum
Glufosinate ammonium 25kg/drum
Propisochlor 25kg/drum
Metolachlor 25kg/drum
Tribenuron-methyl 25kg/drum
Fluazifop-P 25kg/drum
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